Our Science

Numerous studies have shown that oral spray delivery systems, such as those used in X-SPRAYS™ products, serve as more effective delivery systems than pills, capsules, or even sublingual tablets. Read the following studies to learn more about the science behind our sprays.

Study 1
How spray supplements improve sleep, pain and depression in mild to moderate chronic pain patients.
50.8% of patients 40-65 yrs old experienced improved symptoms
International Journal of Pharmacy & Life Sciences
Amir Abuchaei, B.S.1 and Sassan Rafizadeh, M.D., Ph.D.2
Study 2
Benefits of Intra Oral Sprays
Fast, convenient, and effective.
International Journal of Pharmacy & Life Sciences
M. Milind Thosar
Study 3
Benefits of oral sprays in comparison to oral tablets when suffering from chest pain.
Rapid relief of pain
that’s 2x faster.
American Journal of Cardiology
Reisin LH